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We are continually working on new projects and with your help we can keep the efforts moving.

One Meal, One Heart, One Hand at a time!

The Orphanage

We are currently in the construction phase on a brand new orphanage building, thanks to a very generous

anonymous donor who saw the need for the children in Pastor Nahum's home to be given comfortable,

safe shelter, and beds of their own (Praise God!) Construction began July 21, 2014 and is expected to be

completed by the fall. The labor needed in this construction project is proving to be a blessing to the

local community as well. Work is hard to find in Haiti, so a project of this size enables many men in the

surrounding community with an opportunity to work and way to provide for their families.



Gilbert Christian School

We have big goals for the future of Gilbert Christian School goals that will help provide a great education for these young children and also provide a clean environment with the proper school supplies and a meal for each student per school day.  Because of your support Back To Life Ministries has been able to make these goals become reality.  Moving forward there is still much to do, get involved and find out more about this great cause.


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